DevCon day 2

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DevCon day 2 was inspiring, though I could not keep up with all the technical talks. I have to admit it was humbling to see how knowledgeable some presenters were.

What I liked:

  • Dawid’s talks on API design and React stack. Very useful information on good API design and UML diagramming. I did an IT&IS degree so this was interesting to see. Also, this could be an interesting project to watch out for:
  • Jeshan’s talk on AWS Lambda and Serverless. I’m mostly interested in the IOT applications of it and dragged Mike along for this. Right now, I need to experiment with it and see how we can leverage it. Also, Jeshan’s slide designs were really nice: clean, simple, with nothing superfluous. I completely get that he does not like complexity. I’m the same.
  • Simon on the features of Swift. That was interesting and seemed fun. Also apparently there is now server-side Swift. A use-case for something like that is still unknown. And code emojis. LOL.

    Code Emojis
  • Loic’s talk on technology trends and the work at Lexpress digital. Poor guy had to deal with an extremely broken screen (see the post cover). I think the general idea of his talk was to tell us that stuff is possible in Mauritius, and we should disrupt things as millenials. I particularly liked his pop culture stuff (I’m also a big fan of long form articles,, and Adam Curtis’ documentaries).

In the evening I had to head to the office to have a skype chat with our newest man on deck for MakerHub, Dawson. Dawson is a software engineer based in Indiana, United States who is super friendly and super eager to contribute to this project. He reached out to us through our MakerHub VIP slack. I’m excited. Looks like the team is growing! 🙂


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