DevCon day 3

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I‘m going to have to work backwards. If you see when I most recently posted on my blog, you’ll easily figure out why. There’s a good reason for the long gap. I’ll write about that soon.

Today I delivered a presentation about Laravel in front of roughly 15 persons. This was my first time ever giving a technical talk and I had no idea what to expect. I depicted in my presentation an overview of Laravel, its ecosystem, what I like and do not like about it. Originally, I wanted to build a todolist app from scratch, but things did not work out as planned. In fact, Homestead and Vagrant were not working. I was currently using Homestead configured per repository and had not used the general purpose one in some time.

I could have troubleshooted it, but with attendees in the audience I decided to switch and show them what we’re doing with MakerHub. So I opened the repo, popped the hood, and showed everyone what we are working on. I went through a simple route and view and opened up to questions. We had some interesting questions from Vanessa and Nadhir, and contributions from Yusuf.

What I learned about this:

  • There are some super nice devs out who positively contributed to the discussion, understood and supported me
  • Always work with finished, tested and operational code for presentations
  • I prefer showing stuff that is meaningful to me like my work in progress projects. It’s the best way to convey my passion.

In the afternoon, the closing ceremony nicely ended the conference, with the best part being celebrating Joki’s 40th birthday (the joke is he is now officially old lol). Joki’s contribution to the developer community is incredible, and he deserves this. Big thanks to him, the pongosoft guys, the sponsors and everyone who helped put this together.

Bottom line, for me there are a few points to take away from devcon:

  1. There are many passionate and world-class developers in Mauritius. The standards and numbers are very impressive.
  2. There is significant interest from a lot of foreigners in what is happening in Mauritius. There were 4 participants from outside Mauritius, all of which were very impressive professionals. I hope to see this conference grow into a regional one.
  3. There’s a lot of bright young students interested in and joining this industry here. With universities like ALU (African Leadership University) setting up shop here, this trend will intensify. I even received a request for an internship from a Tunisian student today!


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