Developers Conference 2015

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I will be speaking at the Developers Conference 2015 in Mauritius, to be held on the 23rd to the 25th April at Voila Hotel, Bagatelle.

Honestly, I am on my way to transitioning out of the more hands-on programming and into a bridge role between business and IT. This human focus influences my personal philosophy about programming, that it should approach things from a human perspective rather than that of the computer. This means it should be as close as possible to human language and meet human needs of the programmers as much as possible, and abstract away all those annoying, migraine-inducing technical details (at least when you’re just getting started). Programming should be intuitive.

My focus in this presentation will be to introduce a simple, expressive, enjoyable experience while coding with an oft-reviled programming language – PHP. In short, I will be previewing modern PHP, with a particular emphasis on building a toy application in a PHP framework called Laravel. I’ll show you why the language is experiencing something of a revival lately.

I’m not going to give too much away, just that I am preparing a presentation that aims to be fun. No bullet points or handouts. It’s simple show and tell like the kids do it.

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