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MSCC’s Saturday meetups finally come of age! After last week, I proposed a meeting at the newly opened Cafe Lux. It did not disappoint. Best coffee, great food, although with a little bit of delay.

Four craftsmen joined this time – Cyril, Ajmal, Yann and Jochen. Yann was first to arrive. It was only about an hour into our conversation that we realised we had already met before at Activeline. We talked about modern PHP and modern PHP frameworks. Jochen joined us shortly afterwards with his kids, Cyril with his boys, and Ajmal joined shortly after. I even think we were outnumbered by the kids at some point! But not too worry, we all had a great time.

Interestingly, Jochen proposed that I check out Aurelia, a front end framework with very simple, expressive syntax. I’m currently exploring it. We also talked about some of his billing techniques and his approach to hiring talent.

After Jochen left Ajmal, Cyril and I had a great chat around our bad experiences around Mauritius’ internet service providers. Cyril is French, and in France, France Telecom/Orange is known to be an ISP riddled with cronyism and dodgy business practices, even violations of net neutrality. Naturally, this may have taken root in Mauritius Telecom as well.


It’s nothing to be proud of, and  honestly in a tiny country like Mauritius, it should not have to be so hard to lay down fibre. As I write this, MT is already a year and a half behind schedule. While MT speaks of speeding up deployment,  it is a euphemism. What they really mean is catching up. According to Ish, villages will get fibre in 2018! Unacceptable.

It’s sad to hear from foreigners that the only reason they set up shop in Mauritius is for tax reasons and cheap labour, not talent or infrastructure. I for one, am thinking of starting a lobby group to lobby for better internet infrastructure. The way I see it, Broadband Internet should be treated as a sort of utility in Mauritius, with a mandated proportion of profits reinvested into developing infrastructure. I am not talking about nationalising but regulating.


  1. Think you meant Aurelia instead of Fidelia, I missed that part but Ajmal mentioned it in the comments 🙂

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