Startups in Mauritius

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Picture above is of the Panel. Unfortunately I  didn’t get Sten in the shot. There’s someone in front of him.

Productive day. Interesting talk at LSL digital with Sten Tamkivi and other panel members. The talk itself was a good first step, and I feel that many more like these should be held to continue the conversation about startups in Mauritius. Sten himself is very down to earth and approachable. Even though he’s a cofounder at a startup valued at $2.5mil, was a former manager at Skype, former resident at Andreesen Horowitz venture capital, and is a Stanford GSB graduate.

Overall, I met some very interesting people, bumped into some familiar faces. I feel like I could use an upgrade to my networking skills though – in retrospect I think they could use a lot of work.

Otherwise, Bitfuel Ltd is almost a reality. We’re on the verge of incorporating. Right now we’re focusing a lot on the business aspects – I’ve been reading and watching as many videos as I can about validation boards, lean startup methodology, business model canvas and value proposition canvas. These methodologies are really good tools for thinking in a structured manner and they’ve got us on a sure path to coming up with a product that fits a market need. Slowly, we’re fleshing out our business plan.

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  1. If this can make you feel better about your social networking skills: I’m running 2 startups myself in Mauritius and I haven’t even been invited to this startup event…

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