Symfony: Introducing Symfony 3

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This Saturday I headed down to Extension Interactive for a MSCC talk on Symfony 3 by Extension Interactive’s CTO, Vanessa Chellen. I was excited to join – as a Laravel developer I am all too aware of how Symfony components make up most of Laravel’s core capabilities and wanted to know more about it.

I enjoyed Vanessa’s talk. Because there were few persons, it was great to directly interact with the presenter & other members of the audience.

Some key takeaways:

  • Symfony is clearly not as developer-friendly as Laravel, but has a lot of features that I like. I particularly liked the Symfony Profiler. I find it provides richer information than the Laravel debug bar.
  • Drupal & Prestashop are now using Symfony components. In fact, Drupal 8 was completely rebuilt around Symfony.
  • This is a great step forward towards using well-tested & maintained projects found elsewhere (Proudly Found Elsewhere), which reduces maintenance overhead on Drupal maintainers as well as the need to reinvent the wheel for common problems. This makes a lot of sense and I suppose it frees up the Drupal team to concentrate on what brings value to their product. It also bring Drupal in line with best practices, standards & recommendations such as PHP-FIG’s PSR standards.
  • I’m particularly interested by this for our future web & mobile projects at BitFuelAPI platform. However, I’ll need to dig into it to learn more about how it is maintained commercially, who uses it, what are its limitations, etc. I’ve had the experience of working with & contributing to a similar Node.JS framework known as Loopback that proved a bit restrictive.

Overall, an intriguing presentation. Thumbs up Vanessa!

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